Membership is free and our Cellar Club members enjoy great savings and convenience with our beautiful wines delivered directly to their door. Our club is flexible so you can choose how much and how frequently you would like to receive wine. And you can choose anything from the entire range of our wines.

Simply fill in your wine selection, frequency and details below to sign up and take advantage of the following:

Special introductory offer

Choose to receive a dozen or
six pack up to four times a year

Delivery to your door
(free when purchasing a dozen)

You are free to change your
selection as often as you like

10% off wine purchases
(excluding special release)

Get 15% off when you subscribe to
receive a dozen four times a year

  • 4x White 6 Pack
  • 3x White 6 Pack
  • 2x White 6 Pack
  • 4x Red 6 Pack
  • 3x Red 6 Pack
  • 2x Red 6 Pack
  • 4x Seasonal 6 Pack
  • 3x Seasonal 6 Pack
  • 2x Seasonal 6 Pack
  • 4x White Case
  • 3x White Case
  • 2x White Case
  • 1x White Case
  • 4x Red Case
  • 3x Red Case
  • 2x Red Case
  • 1x Red Case
  • 4x Seasonal Case
  • 3x Seasonal Case
  • 2x Seasonal Case
  • 1x Seasonal Case
  • Custom Club

    Additional benefits

    Member Benefits
    • 10% discount on all wine purchases- specials and sales not included
    • Free Delivery on Case purchases
    • Easy online ordering
    • Invitations to private tasting
  • 1x White 6 Pack
  • 1x Red 6 Pack
  • 1x Seasonal 6 Pack

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Terms and Conditions

I certify that I am 18 years of age or over. I understand that I will automatically receive wine as per my selection. (One 6 pack per year is the minimum membership requirement).

The wines received will be a mixed selection, unless I request otherwise. I understand that I must notify of changes I wish to make to the selected pack 2 days prior to the scheduled dispatch date.

I authorise Capital Wines Pty Ltd to debit my credit card according to my selection and deliver as per instructed. I understand that cases of one dozen will be delivered free of charge within Australia and 6 packs will be charged freight as per our discounted rates.

I understand that I am required to be a Capital Wines Cellar Club member for a minimum of 12 months. Membership can be cancelled any time after receiving my first delivery. Cancellations must be received in writing no later than 2 weeks prior to the next scheduled delivery.

I agree to ensure that personal and credit card details are updated every time they change, as Capital Wines will not take responsibility if wine is shipped to an old address. Any charge for misdirected wine will be the responsibility of the member to pay.

As a member of Capital Wines Cellar Club, I understand that my information will be kept confidential and used for Cellar Club purposes only.

I have read and understood the above terms and conditions